Pink is not just for Wednesday

    Photography by fellow Perth Blogger Besties – Fashion Addicted Panda and Missy-Lia

    Pink relaxes, promotes love and self worth

    Pink is not just for Wednesday

    [ Dress – Romwe, 100%  Real Leather Jacket (old and sold out) – similar here at ASOS, Shoes – Adidas Superstars]

    Pink personalities have an easygoing, approachable energy. You come from a place of assuming the good outweighs the bad in everyone and every situation. Witty and smart, you sparkle socially particularly in small groups.


    Your caring and encouraging demeanour nurtures your longtime friendships. You genuinely revel in the success and happiness of others, especially your friends and family. Compassionate, perhaps to a fault, you are the one those closest to you depend on when they need a shoulder to cry on or a boost of confidence.


    All is well from your pink perspective and the saying about seeing life through rose coloured glasses sums it up. Peace, harmony and calmness are important to your daily routine but you appreciate letting loose on occasion and enjoy embracing all the fun life has to offer.

    In case you haven’t figured it out by now, pink is my signature colour. When my friend Sita from Precious S2 Photography met me for the first time, her first impression was that I was a “pink bundle of happiness’. She was certainly not wrong! Over the weekend, I wore this really pretty pastel pink dress from Romwe out for brunch catch-ups. Cause you know ….why restrict wearing pink to just Wednesdays when you can wear it almost everyday!

    full dress1

    full dress2

    full dress 4

    full dress 5

    full dress 3


    To be completely honest, I was  pleasantly surprised by this dress. I ordered the dress in a size L (I normally wear size 8-10) as from experience, Asian sizes tend to run on the smaller side. The dress fit me nicely and it was totally comfortable – even when stuffing my face during brunch.

    You won’t be able to wear a bra with this dress due to its backless detail and deep V front, but a bit of sports tape to hold the girls in place will do the trick. Alternatively, you can layer a T-shirt, button down, off the shoulder top or a lightweight knit underneath, and it would look super cool and fashion forward…. but from time to time – it’s nice to be able to show some skin don’t you think?

    Don’t worry about looking trashy or trying too hard – it would if the dress is bodycon but the skirt is flared out and A line which is a perfect balance of sweet and sultry. I think my days in bodycon have been long gone anyway!

    Pink is not just for Wednesday



    As this dress is a real “girlie girl” dress, I dressed it down with my trusty pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers to add some tomboy meets girlie contrast and my leather jacket for a rebellious edge. I would recommend investing in a 100% genuine leather jacket as it is a wardrobe staple that is so nice and warm and will last you over the years. I bought mine from Revolve years ago on sale. It was initially tight around my shoulders but after a few wears, it stretched and now it fits perfectly. However if you are a vegan and have convictions with using animal products, then just get a jacket made from faux or vegan leather that is also environmentally friendly.




    It’s all about playing with juxtaposition and styling outfits with a hint of the unexpected. I mean, you could totally play up to the sugary sweet look and style it with a pair of heels that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of – if that is the look you are going for and the occasion deems it to be appropriate.

    However for me, part of the fun of getting dressed up is taking risks and being able to put unexpected items together and making it work. Not always conforming to what is safe, predictable and cliche.

    What is your signature colour? x, Jo


    Pink Dress – Romwe

    100% Genuine Leather Jacket – Burberry, DVFTart Collections, ASOS, Nasty Gal (Vegan), Silence & Noise (Vegan)

    Sneakers – Adidas Superstars

    Disclaimer – This dress has been kindly gifted by Romwe, but my opinion remains objective and fair. I do not accept items that do not fit with my personal style and aesthetic. 
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